Thursday, September 3, 2009


I enjoyed the LibraryThing site. It is good to be able to change some things about how the book is catalogued. I particuarly enjoyed that I was able to find the book my grandfather wrote (with more than one listing) as it is not a well known book.

I found the site rather confusing. There was too much going on. I personally wouldn't use it. The site would an absolute last resort for me within the library.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I found this information on wiki's (particularly Wikipedia) interesting as I have been told by numerous people that the information on Wikipedia is unreliable thus it could not be used as a reference at school. I never understood exactly why but now I do. It seems as though you could use pretty much any information to make a wiki. I think the library could use the wiki application for the local history collection. I think members of the public would locve to put their two cents in about the history of port adelaide and enfield. People who no longer live around the area could use this information also.

Podcasts and video

I have used podcast (on the Nova website) and Youtube before so it wasn't anything too knew for me. I'm not sure whether it was this computer or something else but the video I was trying to watch was taking way too long to load. That is very frustrating.


I chose a photo of the debitting trolley. I did this as there seems to be an endless pile up of debitting and I am relieved to say that its all done (for now at least).

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Session 2 - RSS

Step 17: Add a post to your blog about RSS. Not sure what to write? Think about the following questions; Was this exercise easy? Will you use it regularly? How could it be used in libraries?

The exercise today was fairly self explanitory. I generally don't like computers unless its to access my facebook account however, I managed. The blogline account is probably something I won't use regularly.
The blogline website could be useful in libraries to help access information without all the ads etc.
For example:
When a patron asks for a book that is not on Horizon and cannot be located on P2 then the blogline account could be useful in searching the internet for the book. This would minimise the time searching thus improve productivity.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finally Friday!

The weekend is just around the corner. Get to leave early as I had to come in early for this computing training.
Lots to do this weekend...but mainly I just want to catch up on some sleep!

Bye for now =D